Yachaywasi Eco-Tecnológico, holistic and replicable model of sustainable development of rural communities in Latin America

Yachaywasi Eco-Tecnológico, holistic and replicable model of sustainable development of rural communities in Latin America

ProSynergy is a non-profit organization, which proposes an intervention through a holistic model of sustainable development, changing the paradigm from welfare to productive entrepreneurship of rural families with few development opportunities and low levels of quality of life; In order to promote the comprehensive rural development of small producers and eradicate poverty in these areas.

For this purpose, rural development centers have been implemented, called Yachaywasis Eco-Tecnológicos (Yachay = teach; Wasi = House) . In these centers, rural families find technical assistance, access to financing and services to be able to implement a series of productive, social and ecological technologies on their properties that allow them to produce more and live better, with a socio-economic and environmental impact. </ P >

The centers are achieving innovation in rural areas, validating various services and products for self-sustainability at social prices and appropriate technologies for various realities, generating an entrepreneurial attitude and trust in the communities.

  • Demonstration and provision of appropriate ecological agricultural technologies for the generation of added value,
  • Articulation with markets through value-added business plans, </ li >
  • Sale of materials and supplies,
  • Access to financing sources,
  • Pre and post-sale technical assistance,
  • Logistics and transport services,
  • Accommodation services and food for farmers and visitors.

We have 2 Centers: Yachaywasi de Pilpichaca: KM 196 Via Libertadores, Huaytara, Huancavelica (5.5 hours from Lima) and < strong> Yachaywasi Coyllurqui: KM 3 via Coyllurqui-Cusco, Cotabambas, Apurímac (5 hours from Cusco via Cotabambas or 5 hours from Abancay).

In 5 years we have achieved:

  • 4,400 farmers have purchased some technology or supplies from our Yachaywasis with a market penetration of 10% .
  • We have reached 60% of our breakeven point in the first two Yachaywasis in poverty areas.
  • Our sales prices of technologies and supplies for farmers They are competitive with a margin of 30% to 40% below the current price of the retail market.
  • The farmers who adopted value-added technologies < strong> their income increased between 46% and 430%.
  • We have received the visit of 6,800 people among farmers, technicians, teachers, students, government officials and tourists from Peru and abroad.

The YACHAYWASIS ECO-TECNOLÓGICOS are a innovative, replicable, sustainable and efficient strategy that breaks with the welfare paradigm for the eradication of rural poverty in Peru and Latin America.