Sustainable agro-ecological rural technologies

Sustainable agro-ecological rural technologies

In order to break the welfare paradigm and promote the integral rural development of small producers. Where can we find technologies to buy or replicate them and that are efficient over time?

An alternative is the one offered by the organization Prosynergy which is implementing the model Yachaywasis Eco-Tecnológicos , said Quechua word in Spanish means “House of knowledge” that is to say a place where knowledge is shared. </ p>

This organization offers a series of productive, social and ecological technologies for rural families , they also provide the necessary technical assistance for the correct operation and installation of technologies on their properties. </ p>

The technologies promoted are more than 50 and are divided into 6 groups:

  1. Recovers efficient management of water and soils.
  2. Production of Andean crops.
  3. Production and improvement of larger and smaller animals.
  4. Improvement and implementation of healthy housing eco efficient.
  5. Processing of alpaca fiber and sheep wool.
  6. Processing of dairy derivatives, aromatic and medicinal plants.

Currently it is has 2 Yachaywasis Eco-Tecnológicos located at kilometer 5.8 of the Rumichaca, Pilpichaca, Huancavelica highway and kilometer 3 of the Coyllurqui, Cotabambas, Apurímac road. The person in charge of the Marketing area of ​​Prosynergy tells us: “Our goal is to implement about 20 Yachaywasis in the different areas with less resources of the country, during the first 5 years we have achieved the implementation of the technologies in more of 4 thousand homes, this because the price with which we work is between 30% or 40% below the market price, due to the nature of our organization ”.

We hope to hear more news. For any information: Telf (01) 3401871.
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