Yachaywasis Eco Technological Schools

Yachaywasis Eco Technological Schools

The project “Yachaywasis Eco Tecnológicos Escolares Autosostenibles” is an innovative and self-sustaining proposal implemented as part of the “Strategic Social Investment Plan of the Camisea Consortium in the Province of Pisco” which is operated by the company Pluspetrol Perú Corporation, who has financed the project which is described below:

Objective of the project

The educational community made up of managers, teachers, students, administrators and parents from 15 Pisco schools improve their environmental management skills in order to counteract global warming and climate change in a sustainable way.

Expected results

  • Educational institutions have a Yachaywasi Eco-technological School implemented with an operational battery of renewable social and productive technologies. 
  • Educational Institutions improve their environmental education program and achieve experiential competencies using the technologies implemented in their respective Yachaywasi Eco-technological School.
  • The technologies implemented generate their own resources for the sustainability of the Eco-Technological School Yachaywasis in each intervened Educational Institution.

Intervention strategy

The implementation and self-sustainability strategy of the Yachaywasis Eco-technological School is summarized below:

The beneficiary Educational Institutions:

  • They improve their environmental education program by incorporating pedagogical practices related to the use of the technologies implemented in their respective Yachaywasi Eco Tecnológico Escolar in their curricular content.
  • They form their Management Committee of Own Resources and Business Productive Activities and open a current account for the proper administration of the resources to be generated.
  • They hire an agricultural technician, who is financed by the own income generated by the Yachaywasi School in a sustainable way.
  • They organize internships at the Yachaywasi School and fairs for the sale of the products generated, promoting the participation of teachers, students, parents and neighbors in their area.
  • They ensure the safety, maintenance, conservation and proper use of resources both used and generated by their respective Yachaywasi Eco Tecnológico Escolar.

The Regional Directorate of Education of Ica through the UGEL of Pisco:

  • With the support of the project, they advise the teachers of the participating Educational Institutions so that they can incorporate into their curricular content pedagogical actions related to the use of the implemented technologies.
  • They carry out periodic monitoring visits and evaluate the pedagogical and institutional results achieved in each of the Educational Institutions participating in the program.

Prosynergy through its Eco Tech Yachaywasis:

  • The following technologies are installed in each selected Educational Institution:
  • 12 Volt / 50 watt photovoltaic kit
  • Water pumping kit (rope pump and seesaw pump)
  • Kit solar thermal vacuum tubes 100 liters
  • Kit Fito greenhouse type awning for 180m2 of covered area
  • Kit for growing hydroponic vegetables in 180m2 of covered area
  • Drip irrigation system kit for 100m2 of organic vegetable garden, medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Parabolic solar cooker
  • Box type solar cooker
  • Solar water purifier
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants solar dryer
  • Solid waste sorting kit
  • Organic compost and humus production kit
  • Train and supervise the agricultural technicians in charge of the production process and maintenance of the technologies implemented in each Yachaywasi Eco Tecnológico Escolar.
  • He advises and trains the teachers of the Educational Institution in the use of installed technologies so that they can incorporate related pedagogical actions in their own curricular content.
  • Provides technical assistance to the Management Committee of Own Resources of the Educational Institution in the process of constitution, administration, marketing and sales of the products made to achieve the self-sustainability of your Yachaywasi Eco Tecnológico Escolar.
  • It provides a web platform and a mobile application for the use of the directors, teachers, students and technicians for the monitoring and evaluation of the resources, processes and results achieved in the School Yachaywasis of each participating Educational Institution.

Given the pandemic by COVID-19, this project was suspended due to the state of emergency and the suspension of face-to-face classes at the level of Educational Institutions throughout the country.