Self sustainable alpaca fiber processing program

Self sustainable alpaca fiber processing program

In Peru the raising of alpacas is a generalized activity in the high Andean area of more than 3,800 meters high, and represents the main economic support of many families that inhabit them, the majority of whom are characterized by living in conditions of poverty. . Currently, Peru is the holder of the largest number of alpacas (85%) in the world, along with Bolivia (11%).

In order to allow ALPACA PRODUCERS themselves to transform and give added value to their own fiber, PROSYNERGY through its ECHO-TECHNOLOGICAL YACHAYWASIS has validated appropriate and ecological technologies to carry out artisanal and semi-industrial processes of scaring, shaken, washed, dried, carded from the alpaca fiber, allowing its final transformation into value-added products in the form of tops, felts and threads.

To promote producers to adopt this development model, PROSYNERGY provides TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE and PROVIDES TECHNOLOGIES and develops an INTERMEDIATION WITH THE MARKET process, working with companies that offer fair trade prices, which generates confidence and ensures a market for producers that using the technologies provided by PROSYNERGY, they add value to their fiber.

In order to mediate in the market, PROSYNERGY has created and has been positioning the “ECO ALPACA” brand as well as a WEB PORTAL ( to publicize the program and promote online sales of value-added products made by the producers themselves.