Semi-industrial felting machine for the production of alpaca fiber or sheep wool tops


Yield from 0.5 to 1kg / hour. Adjustable roller pressure setting. Double direction of rotation. 82cm roll width. Analog commands. Treated with an anticorrosive base and high durability industrial hammered paint. 220V motor with alternating current or with a 50W photovoltaic kit.


• Average production capacity of 1Kg in 8 hours
• Adjustable roller pressure adjustment.
• Rotate the direction of rotation, one direction or toggle.
• Roll width approx. 82cm
• Dimensions approx .: 96 cm x 45 x 30 (width x height x depth).
• Weight: +/- 60kg.
• Industrial analog commands.
• 220V / 0.5 HP single phase motor
• 2 adjustable speeds.
• Treated with anticorrosive base and industrial hammered paint of high
• 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects